I. Letter from Ken's Japanese friend.
1.はい、もう はるです。
3.いいえ、まだ すこし さむいです。
5.いいえ、まだ ちゅうがく 三ねんせい です。
7.はい、もう みました。

II. Response to Hanako's letter.
(You need not respond to Hanako's letter.)

III. Kanji writing practice.
(Please use your best handwriting, and circle the one you think is best for each one.)

IV. Kanji and hiragana.
1.くがつとおか [September 10th]
3.じゅうにがつよっか [December 4th]
5.しがつここのか [April 9th]
7.さんがつみっか [March 3rd]

V. Using kanji to write the times of your schedule.
(The English meaning of the first two sentences are as follows.)
[I wake up at about...]
[And I come to school around...]