I. Verbs of receiving.
1.くれました [Last night Mr. Yoshimoto gave my little brother a big, red balloon.]
3.もらいました [I received a lot of homework from my Japanese teacher today.]
5.くれました [I received six social studies books from my father.]

II. A & B. Answers based on fact (Try answering the questions about yourself.)

III. Fill in the blanks answers.
May 8th ごがつ ようか
(3 people) さんにん
(1 person) ひとり
(1 dog) いっぴき
(3 balloons) みっつ
(3 flowers) さんぼん

IV. Answers to who gave the presents.
(balloons) - Jack
(concert tickets) - Jack
(mystery novel) - Jill